Wednesday, 3 October 2012


Harptree Court drive in Autumn
Don't know why really but Autumn always sneaks up on us.  One minute the last few warm September days are beguiling you into believeing the weather is better than it really is. Then - Pow- October is here, the nights have a little bite to them and the trees suddenly start to show some colour.

I hope that this year autumn lingers a little, last year it seemed that as soon as the leaves turned they just fell off the trees. I much prefer it when our trees are a riot of different shades.

So we have just lit the hall fire for the first time, and played croquet for the last time this year, so that means guests will have to have tea and lemon cake in front of the fire and not outside. (Linda's Lemon cake is still world class).

It will very soon be time to pack the Yurt away for winter again, but our guests will be snug and warm in the treehouse all through the winter.

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