Monday, 17 January 2011

Marmalade War

The box of Seville oranges arrived last week and have spent a few days in the fridge while I gird myself up for marmalade making. We split the box with a friend, who has been making marmalade for many years and start slicing.

Linda, who is an excellent cook but who has no patience soon abandons the kitchen to me, I fill the house with the sweet sticky smell of marmalade as I struggle with 8 double batches using Gary Rhodes' recipe (about 20kg in all)

After a day and a half I end up with what I hope is a years supply of homemade marmalade. We do try to serve only homemade preserves at breakfast.!

I notice that this year the colour is lighter than last, a real golden glowing orange; I worry slightly and pop round to Diana's to see how she is doing.
Her marmalade is exactly the same colour so I haven't done anything wrong and better still she is only half way through her oranges so this year I'm claiming victory in the undeclared marmalade war.

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